fuck yeah! shojin, one of the best vegan restaurants in LA, has just added new stuff to their menu and announced their mother’s day specials!

i am most stoked about the new “baked crab roll” pictured at the top - a green vegetable roll smothered in baked savory creamy sauce topped with asparagus and edamame. sign me up. shojin makes the best vegan sushi i’ve ever eaten, and i swear every time they add something new to the menu they raise the bar for rolls all around the world.

to check out the new menu click here

for the mother’s day course click here

Might have to go here when I’m in LA!

(via veganfeast)

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    This restaurant is superb. We have only been here four months and have been here four times. Totally worth the drive to...
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    pretty yummy rolls at shojin!
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    Might have to go here when I’m in LA!
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    I love shojin
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    I want to go to there this weekend

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